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The Parent Institute (PIQE) is Back!

Dear Parents, 

We are happy to report that the Parent Institute for Quality Education (known as "PIQE," pronounced "pi-que") has been refunded through a generous grant by the California Maritime Academy. This means MIT Academy parents will be able to participate in this top-quality parent education program (free of charge) and earn up to 20 hours of parent commitment credit – all as they learn about how to best support their kids in school.
Because last year we focused on middle school, this year's theme will be high school, and will include a variety of topics including GPA, testing, college prep, transcripts, financial aid, and much more. Last year's program was offered in both Spanish and English and was well received by all, and parents loved getting the parent commitment hours for participating. This year we are planning on English and Spanish offerings as well, and free childcare will be provided. 
PIQE starts Thursday, 10/4, from 6:30 – 8:00 in the MPR, and runs 9 Thursdays through December 5th (no class on Thanksgiving!). Light refreshments will be served, and seniors will be on hand with more substantial offerings to earn money for their Destination DC trip. PIQE is open to all parents, middle and high school alike. We hope to see you there!