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MIT Strategic Plan Update, 2013 Version!


The MIT Academy Strategic Plan Committee met in January to do the annual update of the MIT strategic plan. Recall that the strategic planning process is intended to take the key goals for MIT (including those from the WASC, Technology Plan, reauthorization recommendations, etc.) and combine them into a five-year plan that reflects the best thinking for what the future of MIT should look like. The strategic plan consists of sixteen key goals in the areas of student learning, student support, facilities & technology, and parent and community relations.

Meeting on 1/26/13, and with the able assistance of GroupVision's Anthony Adams, the Strategic Planning Group established goals and priorities for the existing Strategic Plan, and handed it over to the MIT Board of Directors for review and approval. The newly updated plan was approved at the 2/12/13 board meeting, and will now be implemented by staff as written.

The ultimate goal of the MIT strategic plan is to focus MIT’s resources in such a way as to make MIT Academy a premier state-wide and national school of excellence. The board thanks and applauds the many members of the team who helped assemble this document, and looks forward to its benefits for many years to come. 

To see the updated Strategic Plan, click HERE. Thank you.