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A "Uniform" Approach!

At their March meeting, the MIT Board of Directors approved the Strategic Planning group's annual update, which included a directive to create and implement an official MIT dress code by August, 2013. The dress code, developed by the MIT VOORP committee in consultation with various parent and student groups, was chosen for cost, durability, and consistency with current dress code requirements. Dress code apparel and policies are shown and described on this page. Note also the following:

  • The dress code consists of Dickies brand khaki flat front slacks and Dickies white polos (with MIT patch).
  • MIT will allow a one year "grace" period for parents to transition to the new dress code; i.e., current clothing that meets dress code will be accepted until such clothing is used up. Starting in 2014-15, however, everyone will have to be in official dress code. Sixth graders will be expected to be in dress code beginning immediately.
  • MIT's Dress Code Coordinator is Debra Fliehmann, who can be reached at extension 155, or at Please direct questions or concerns to her.
  • Dress Code items can be purchased anywhere as long as they are in compliance with the guidelines and Dickies brand; Victory Stores (on Virginia Street) will carry all required items. Patches will be available at Victory or from MIT for $1 each.
  • Starting in spring 2014, MIT will be setting up an exchange so parents can pick up dress code pieces at little or no cost. Stay tuned for that.

Please see the April Newsletter for more information.