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Summer School 2013

Summer School will run from June 24th through July 19th, with July 4th as a holiday. Letters have been mailed out and should be received within a few days. For those interested in attending, the form included in the mail should be completed and returned to the Main Office NO LATER THAN May 31st

The schedule will be as follows:

Middle School:

Class Schedule  
7:30-8:04 Breakfast
8:04-9:04 Before School Program
9:04-12:04 Morning Session
12:04-12:44 Lunch
12:44-3:44 Afternoon Session
3:44-4:44 After School Program

High School:

Class Schedule  
7:30-8:04 Breakfast
8:04-12:04 Morning Session
12:04-12:44 Lunch
12:44-4:44 Afternoon Session

Please see the attached document for important information regarding summer school. This information is already included in the letters that were mailed out.

MIT Academy Summer School 2013 Information