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Soaring Like an MIT Griffin!

The results are in for the 2013 California Standards Test, and in nearly every category MIT's students turned in their best performance ever! Particularly in the overall school performance metric, called “Academic Performance Index” (or “API” for short), MIT has shattered its previous record and now both the middle and high schools stand uncontested as the top-ranking API secondary schools in Vallejo.
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California Department of Education:  LINK
Summing all these numbers up, clearly MIT has made significant progress in the area of API, but that much still needs to be done. In particular, our first goal is to get to the magical “800” level which is the industry standard for excellence. After that it's to be the highest performer in the county. To accomplish this MIT is working hard to strengthen our math program, employ AVID strategies school wide, and roll out the new national common core standards. In combination, these strategies will continue to bring dramatic gains.
When all is said and done, API is just a number, but in that it's based on actual student performance it gives a good snapshot of overall school academic culture and results. And those results prove once again that our students are learning, and that collectively we are soaring with Griffin pride!