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New Semester, New Faces, New Roles!

Dear MIT Community,

The 2nd semester at MIT is off and running! The launch of the 2nd half of the year has not only brought excitement to students over new teachers and classes, but has also seen some important changes that we want our community to know about.
* We have 2 new staff members, middle school science teacher Imogen Klossner and After-School Coordinator Matt Miller. Imogen comes to us by way of UC Berkeley, where she double-majored in molecular biology and anthropology, and recently graduated with her teaching credential from the UC Berkeley CalTeach program. 
* Matt Miller is our new After School Program Coordinator, taking over for Jeff Katz who is stepping into the Academic Adviser role. Matt graduated from UC Davis in religious studies and spent several years both as a youth minister and in various educational positions. Welcome Mr. Miller!
* Jeff Katz has moved into the Academic Adviser role where he will prepare middle schoolers for success in high school, and high schoolers for success in college! If you have questions about classes or schedules, Mr. Katz is the man to see!
* Regrettably, long-time behavior intervention specialist Deb Castaneda has left MIT, and in her place we have not one but TWO new deans, who will be filling in until the positions can be permanently filled -- Micah Studer and Byron Laird. Both have taught at MIT for years, have held a variety of leadership positions, and hold a current California administrative credential. Happily, Deborah Cooper-Kelly continues in her role and will be the third leg of the Student Services triad (and will lend a feminine touch to the department!).
Change can be stressful, and certainly mid-year changes are never preferred. But I hope you will join me in welcoming these outstanding folks into their new roles, and agree that these changes will make MIT an even stronger and healthier school for many years to come.
Thank you, and Go Griffins!