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MIT Academy summer school programs are gearing up and ready to roll!

DAYS: Monday, 23 June thru Thursday, 24 July (no school Fridays or 4 July)


If you have not yet turned in an Acceptable Use Policy form, (Spanish AUP form) please do so at your earliest convenience, or plan to do so when you drop off your student(s) on Monday, 23 June, for the first day of summer school. This will need to be signed for your student(s) to be able to use the computers. Thank you.


Middle School Academic Reinforcement Program

7:35-8:05           Breakfast

8:05-9:05           Before School Program

9:05-12:05         Morning Session

12:05-12:45       Lunch

12:45-3:45         Afternoon Session

3:45-5:00           After School Program


High School Jumpstart, Launch, Distance Learning

7:35-8:05           Breakfast

8:05-12:05         Morning Session

12:05-12:45       Lunch

12:45-4:45         Afternoon Session


Questions? Please email Amanda Toy, Summer School Coordinator, , or leave her a message at 707-552-6482, ext 309.

Thursday, July 24, 2014 - 5:00pm