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A Letter to Our Parents and Students

from Matt Smith, MIT Academy Director
Many of you may have seen Friday's article in the Vallejo Times-Herald regarding VCUSD suing MIT Academy to stop construction on the new construction on the Everest and E-Building complexes. The reporter, John Glidden, did a good job on the article but was unable to include my complete comments, so here they are in their entirety:
"Yes, the district has been pursuing litigation against MIT Academy all summer long. It's a shame, really, because we asked for mediation and the district chose a legal route first, despite our lease agreement explicitly calling for mediation as a preliminary step in any conflicts over our the agreement. 
The reality is that MIT Academy had permission to pursue this project, and communicated frequently to VCUSD over a three-year period regarding our intentions. Indeed, a VCUSD employee, Cheri Summers, sat on our board for much of that time so there were hardly any secrets. This was public knowledge and well publicized to parents, community, and VCUSD alike. 
In the three court appearances we've made to date regarding this matter, MIT has prevailed and been allowed to continue construction. The project is now 99% done, and the rooms are ready for occupancy. As part of the project, MIT is able to move students out of several decrepit classrooms and into new, virtually state-of-the art classrooms (each room will have 30 computers, a Smartboard, document camera, etc.). Indeed, with the completion of the project, MIT students will be occupying the safest, most ADA accessible classrooms in MIT history. Needless to say, its somewhat perplexing to us why at this late stage VCUSD would object to us vastly improving their property and making facilities safer and more modern for Vallejo public school students. We would think they would be thanking us instead of attacking us.
MIT has been promising its parents for many years that we would upgrade the facilities here, and that time has finally come. We are confident MIT will prevail in this litigation, and that ultimately VCUSD will recognize that these actions are in the best interests of ALL Vallejo students."
On a final note, school starts Monday, and we have been moving into the new classrooms all week, In fact, we are having a "ribbon-cutting" ceremony Friday at noon, to which parents and friends are invited. And finally, at the end of the day we always base our decisions on the simple question "what's best for students?" I think it's very clear what's best for Vallejo students here -- that they get the benefit of new, safer, vastly superior facilities. We just hope the officials at VCUSD will quickly come to agree.
MIT's Back-to-School Night is Wednesday, 8/24; I will set aside some time before the event to discuss this matter with parents should anyone want further details (check our website for more details).
Thank you, and go Griffins!
Matt Smith
Director, MIT Academy
P.S. If you did not see the article, here is the link: Vallejo Times Herald