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Scrip and eScrip

There are 2 types of SCRIP fundraising at MIT, 'Scrip' and 'eScrip', see definitions below.

Scrip and eScrip are major sources of fundraising for our school. Scrip dollars go directly back to our school. The Parent Teacher Network (PTN) determines which projects/requests are funded out of these dollars donated by the families, friends and supporters of MITA.

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a term that means "substitute money". They are negotiable gift certificates. MIT Academy purchases them at a small discount and sells them at full price. Supporters pay full price (i.e. $25.00 of Safeway) and receive full price value. The difference is given to the school by the stores participating.

Scrip certificates have no expiration date on the vast majority of certificates. Scrip may be used at any branch of the store unless there is an exception printed on the certificate (IHOP and Food4Less are examples).

What is eScrip?

  • Register any one or all of your existing grocery loyalty, debit and credit cards for use in the program. Click here to Register now!
  • Participating merchants will make contributions to your chosen group, based on purchases made by you, just by using the cards you have registered.
  • Your purchases are tracked and available to you online, allowing you to see just how much you are earning on your child's behalf!

How can I signup for Scrip?

Please click here to signup for Scrip Online, or contact the Main Office. On the website, be sure to include "Group ID" 137701237.


Volunteer Opportunities

High School seniors are fundraising for their D.C. trip and need your help!

Donations of the item(s) below would be greatly appreciated:

  • Snickers
  • Skittles
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
  • Starburst
  • Poptarts
  • Hot Chocolate packets (water-based)
  • Individually wrapped Cheez-Itz
  • Caprisun
  • Bottled Water

Thank you for your donations!



Phone Messaging

MIT Academy uses an automated Phone Messaging service to communicate with students and their guardians.

Typically, 3-4 calls are sent home per week for informational purposes. Additionally, calls are placed home when a student is absent for 1 or more periods of the school day.

Phone Messages can be heard again by calling, toll-free 1 (877) 698-3261, press option 1, then enter the phone # the message was received on. The most recent message and a number of previous messages can be retrieved as well.



English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC)

Purpose of ELAC

Local ELAC parent groups have the responsibility of providing school administrators and teachers with ongoing advice on a variety of issues related to the education of English learners. This may include issues related to the improvement of the school climate and the curriculum and instruction for MIT's English learners.

Propósito de ELAC

Los grupos locales de padres de ELAC tienen la responsabilidad de proporcionar a los administradores escolares y maestros con consejos en curso sobre una variedad de cuestiones relacionadas con la educación de los estudiantes de Inglés. Esto puede incluir cuestiones relacionadas con la mejora del clima escolar y el currículo e instrucción para los estudiantes de Inglés de MIT.


ELAC Agendas- Agendas de ELAC

ELAC Meetings are held- Dia de las juntas

ELAC Minutes- Minutos de ELAC


Parent/Teacher Network (PTN)

The Parent-Teacher Network is MIT Academy´s parent organization that provides support for student activities. The network is led by the PTN Council, a group made up of a representative parent from each grade level. Students may request funding from this group for special projects. Every family belongs to the PTN.
Unless otherwise indicated, meetings regularly occur on the fourth Tuesday of every month, at 6:00pm in room Z.