Student Electronic Acceptable Use Policy

  1. Students are responsible for the security of their school-issued accounts. They are to keep this information private. They should inform teachers or staff if this information becomes compromised.
  2. Students shall use school equipment safely, responsibly, and for educational purposes.
  3. Students shall not host any harmful or obscene subject material. Cyber-bullying and any harassment of students and staff via the Internet (including but not limited to email and social media accounts) is strictly forbidden.
  4. Students are not to disclose any personal information, defined as PII (personal identifiable information).
    1. Personal identifiable information (PII) includes the student’s name, address, telephone number, Social Security number, or other personally identifiable information. Penal Code 653.2 makes it a crime for a person to distribute personal identification information electronically with the intent to cause harassment by a third party and to threaten a person’s safety or that of his/her family (e.g., placing a person’s picture or address online so that he/she receives harassing messages).
    2. Griffin Technology Academies is given consent to provide PII to the web site operators of the services listed at (G Suite for Education, Study Island, Office 365, Khan Academy, etc.). Your parents can refer to the “Griffin Technology Academies COPPA Compliance form” for more information.
  5. Students shall not use school equipment to encourage the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. The encouragement of cheating, plagiarism, or conduct any activity prohibited by law is strictly forbidden.
  6. Students shall not use school equipment to engage in commercial or other for-profit.
  7. Students shall not send spam through email, instant messages, or any social media accounts.
  8. Students shall not read, copy, modify, or delete another user’s files or data. 
  9. Students will not engage in any forms of identity theft (i.e. logging into another student’s account)
  10. Students will not upload or download any malicious software (i.e. malware, viruses, etc.) Any interference with school computer systems or the network (i.e. hacking) is strictly forbidden. Bypassing of the content filter and access of proxy web sites is strictly forbidden.
  11. Students shall not deface, damage, or destroy school equipment or materials.
  12. Copyrighted material shall be posted online only in accordance with applicable copyright laws and board policy.
  13. Students shall report any security problem or misuse of the services to a teacher or administrator.
  14. The school reserves the right to monitor use of school equipment for improper use without advance notice or consent. 
  15. The school reserves the right to limit the use of technological resources.
  16.  Inappropriate use may also result in disciplinary action and/or legal action in accordance with law and Board policy.