Dear Griffin Technology Academies Students, Families, and Staff,

I’m Dr. Robert Martinez, your new Superintendent. I am extremely excited to be joining you as part of the Griffin Technology Academies Education Community. The Mare Island Technology Academy Middle and High School, and Griffin Academy Middle and High School, have tremendous opportunities to make a dramatic difference in the lives of our students, and I am eager to join you in this important and meaningful work.

During my educational career I have focused on the importance of education in changing the course of people’s lives, and indeed, you will hear me say more than once that education saved my life. I believe in the power of education, that it is up to us, collectively, to be a positive difference in our students’ lives, to support their resilience development, and to provide opportunities and access to whatever supports and services they need as they make their journey towards adulthood.

A few other things I believe: I believe that each of our students has the ability to find their personal success and excel to new levels with our collective assistance. I believe that each of our students deserves the best that we can bring to our schools every day. Each of our students deserves the best opportunities to grow and develop their skills, advance their personal and academic knowledge, and move one step closer to their personal goals, so that they may be able to set new sights for themselves, and reach higher than even they thought possible.

I believe that each of our family members deserves to be supported by our collective school environment as that as we seek to guide and grow our students, we each grow as well. I also believe that each of us deserves to be treated with respect, dignity, care, compassion, and supported as individuals who are part of this collective of committed people who are passionate about creating environments where our students can grow and succeed in peace.

While we have some challenges ahead, the more we work together to address those needs, the more successes will come to our students. To that end, I will be working to quickly ensure that our organizational foundation for success is based on strong footings. I will be working to ensure that each of you are supported in your work as a student, parent, individual, team, and as professional who is committed to the success of our students. I will also be working to engage with our broader community to ensure that our students, their families, and all of our stakeholders know that there is no better place to receive an education as a middle or high school student, than as a part of the Griffin Technology Academies!

My commitment to you as I enter the role as Superintendent is to #ROAR4Students!

To me this means to find Results through Opportunities and Access via Resilience for students. As we work to establish systems that work for us as an organization, extend our personal learning and development to be able to provide exceptional instruction and supports to students, and collaborate on a myriad of issues to advance opportunities and access for students, let’s always take the time to see each other as the caring and committed people that we are, and commit to find solutions to the problems we may encounter.

As we work together we will find solutions to any challenge we might face we also provide great examples to our students of meaningful ways of collaborating and building an educational community where we all continue to learn.

Please feel free to reach out to me to share information about the amazing things that are happening for our Griffin Technology Academies Students.

Dr. Robert A. Martinez
Superintendent, Griffin Technology Academies